• Purotex

    Purotex is a textile treatment that uses five 100% natural bacteria -or probiotics-, selected for their ability to clean up house dust mite allergen along with other allergen types.

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    “Probiotic” literally means “pro-life” and is an ecological, healthy and safe technology for the future. Anti-biotics aim at destroying all micro-flora and become, in view of the problems with resistant bacteria, more and more the technology of the past.


    “Probiotics ‘ benefits may be more than a gut feeling.”

    US sales of probiotic supplements totalled nearly $ 770 million last year, up 22% from the previous year. “Probiotics are increasingly being studied to treat wide-ranging conditions”.

    The Wall Street Journal, 26/11/2012


    The “dormant” (not yet active) probiotics are sealed in microscopic capsules and attached to the textile fibers of your mattress (Microcapsule Patent PCT/IB2006/050605).

    Every time you lay down in bed, the friction between your body and the mattress opens  a number of microcapsules. The probiotics then absorb large amounts of humidity (like a flower seed that is put in the soil) and develop into very active organisms; they multiply x100 in 24 hours and magically clean up your bed textiles.

    A test on a used mattress shows that Purotex has cleaned up 89.3% of the house dust mite allergen after only two weeks’ time.

    Please find the test report here

    A remarkable result! In an environment with drastically reduced allergen, the risk of allergic symptoms is reduced considerably. What a relief ! Blogger Grietje tried a Purotex treated smartSleeve sleep enhancer! :



    Purotex mattress textiles contain millions of probiotic capsules, more than enough to outlast the life span of a mattress.


    Purotex was developed by BekaertDeslee Academy after years of research, fully lab tested and real life tested and won the “Interzum Award for intelligent material & design” of Köln Messe and Red Dot Projects.

    Purotex reduces humidity.

    Purotex cleans up allergens.

    Purotex creates a clean and healthy sleeping environment.